July 27, 2009

Economic Meltdown Coincides with Declining Ice Cream Sales in Israel

Jerusalem…KosherToday Middle East Bureau Chief…Ice cream sales in Israel are expected to meltdown this year because of the economic slowdown. Dun and Bradstreet estimates the $250 million dollar target is slightly less than sales from last year. Company analysts noted that this reverses a trend of 4 to 6 percent increases in sales over the last few years. Israelis are expected to buy fewer of the higher quality ice cream brands because they have less money for luxury items. Strauss Dairies produces more than half of all the ice cream products sold in Israel followed by Nestle and . Feldmans. There are some 8,000 people employed in the industry which produces some 4,000 different ice cream and sherbet confections. The report found that general ice cream sales have soared 420% in the last decade. Ynet news reports that Israelis consume some 8 liters of ice cream a year while Europeans consume almost twice that much. Americans are considered the world’s biggest ice cream consumers – 20 liters a year.