August 6, 2019

Downtown Chicago’s Only Remaining Kosher Eatery Closes

Chicago…It was touted as “Downtown Chicago’s Only Kosher Restaurant.” Located at 25 South Halsted Street, MetroKlub has closed its doors after more than a decade of serving the business community in the Loop and Downtown Chicago. MetroKlub prided itself in serving high-end kosher food and was the only kosher restaurant for the businesses located in the area. But the restaurant never became a destination for Chicagoans, forcing ownership to decide to close the restaurant. A reliable source told Kosher Today that from a financial point of view the restaurant should have closed a long time ago but the Orthodox owners felt that it was an important service to the kashrus observant businessmen in the area. Several businessmen said they will miss the overstuffed deli sandwiches and the clean and modern atmosphere for business lunches.