June 1, 2009

Cheesecakes Thrived On-line Before Shavuos

New York…Just when I thought that my cheesecake story for Shavuos was complete with my store review, I learned that cheesecakes were also a big item for on-line grocers. Kosher.com and Zomick's Bakery Outlets, which are part of the same management with a 30,000 square foot facility, sold approximately 6,000 cheesecakes, about four times its normal cheesecake sales. The cheesecake selection included chocolate cheese, cherry cheese, and blueberry cheese. Upscale kosher grocers like Gourmet Glatt in Cedarhurst, Brach’s and Supersol’s in Queens and Pomegranate and Landau’s in Brooklyn seemed to have an unprecedented array of cheesecakes, further proof of the growing popularity of the pastry on Shavuos and year-round. At Pomegranate, there were 35 different types of the cheesecakes. In many of the other stores, there was even pareve cheesecake, which could be eaten as dairy and with meat.