May 11, 2022

Newly Formed Kosher Food Executive Association (KFEA) Aims to Promote Kosher Category

New York…A group of kosher food executives, mainly involved in the distribution of kosher foods, held an inaugural meeting on May 5th. The meeting resolved that the main purpose of the newly formed KFEA would be to promote the kosher category within the industry and with the end user. The Zoom conclave was chaired by Harold Weiss of Kayco and Menachem Lubinsky of Lubicom/Kosherfest. The newly formed association is reminiscent of the Kosher Food Distributors Association of the late 1980’s which in its final years was hosted by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade. Christine Salmon of Diversified Business Communications which produces the annual Kosherfest volunteered to host the association and to implement many of the suggested activities of the KFEA. Participants of the inaugural meeting included Bob Meyer (UNFI), Jacob Rusenov (UNFI), Chris McPherren (DPI), Rafi Litenatsky (Shalom & Sons), Brendan Einhorn (A&L Foods), Brian Lapars (Midland Foods), Philip Klitzner (PNK Kosher), and Leslie Kleiman (Sherwood).