May 24, 2022

New Grape Flavored Seltzer from Spritzly

Brooklyn, NY…Spritzly, a new drink created by Moshe Frank and Tzvi Silberstein, is taking the world by storm! Spritzly is a fruit-infused seltzer drink, and it’s just that. There are only two ingredients on the back of the can: grape juice and seltzer. Spritzly prides itself on its perfect simplicity, without any artificial flavorings or preservatives. Spritzly has been on the market for five weeks and has already found its way into dozens of different establishments, from supermarkets to restaurants and cafes. While the combination of grape and seltzer into a sweet and light drink is known by many, even considered a “family recipe” by some, this much beloved cocktail ought to be canned and distributed, taking the schlep out of the process. Kosher certified under Tarnopol kashrus and kosher for Passover. For more information, visit and