January 5, 2023

NEW FEATURE: Hollywood Insider- Special Winter Break Feature for Kosher Today by Eda Kram-Steinberg

Hollywood, FL… Planning to visit Florida for Yeshiva Week (formerly mid-winter vacation) this year? Hollywood has great dining and take out options. Looking to eat out dairy? Cafe Noir is a place we all know and have enjoyed the ambience and good food, as well as Grand Cafe, Sushi Addicts, Mizrachi’s Pizza Kitchen, Yumm Berry and Sarah’s Pizza. There is a new kid on the block. You can now get delicious kosher food on Hollywood Beach. Since their grand opening on November 27th, 3 Scoops  has been serving up kosher pizza and ice cream to tourists and locals. It is located just steps away from Margaritaville @ 600 N Surf Rd. Venture a little further into the store and you’ll find Crepe2Go, by Charlie Rabinovich serving up sweet and savory truffles, crepes, paninis, veggie burgers, smoothies, soft pretzels and so much more. Your tastebuds will cry happy tears!

A family-owned business, Ben and Matan Morad greet each customer with a smile while serving up delicious vegetable and regular 12” inch pizza pies. The patriarch, Chaim Morad and son, Tal Morad run the souvenir shop next door called Ocean Wave, which Mr. Chaim Morad opened almost 40 years ago. Looking for a date night idea or just planning to spend a day at the beach with the kiddos this place serves up something for the entire family. They have cholov yisroel and non-cholov yisroel ice cream certified kosher under KDM (Kosher Dairy Miami), the pizza and Crepe2Go are certified under KM (Kosher Miami).

Hollywood has upped its game with some new meat options for dining. JZ Steakhouse (just steps away from Wynn Dixie and Set with Style) is a fun place to go with friends or on a date. The Cave Kosher Restaurant @ 5650 Stirling Rd #28 (next door to Kosher Central/ KC Marketplace) owned by Betzalel & Lea Lehrfeld and under the ORB Kosher supervision, is open till 2:00am every night and offers live music. Try their pulled beef taco or steak fajitas and even sushi. Or a signature drink made by Sara at the bar. For a great kosher BBQ option, Dixie BBQ serves up sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers and more. Their zippy fry chicken schnitzel burger is a crowd favorite. Let's not forget Pita Plus and Pita Express for those looking for shawarma or falafel. With so many kosher food options, Hollywood has become one of the go to destinations. So, visit, stay and enjoy!