May 11, 2022

Most Machine Matzoh in US Manufactured in Israel, Showcased at Kosherfest

Secaucus, NJ…When Kosherfest ‘22 opens on November 9th, it will again showcase the many Matzoh brands that were sold in the US as it has throughout Kosherfest’s 33-year history. Except for the machine matzoh (not handmade Shmurah) manufactured by the family owned Streit’s brand, most brands sold in the US in 2022 were manufactured in Israel. Kayco/Kedem distributes Yehuda Matzos, considered the leading Israeli Matzoh by many as well as the well-known Manischewitz brand. Other well-known Israeli brands sold in US stores include Matzot Aviv and Osem. Some European (Rakusen) brands are also sold in the US.

Already planning its participation in Kosherfest 22 is Matzot Chaburah Bet Shemesh which originated in Yad Binyamin. The company says that they have been baking hand and machine 18-minute Shmurah Matzos for over 40 years for Passover. They say that they use fine quality wheat and bake their matzos the old-fashioned way in small batches known as 'Chaburas'. Their Shmurah Matzos have been gaining popularity the past 10 years in the US. Distributed by Matzot Charlap, they produce regular, whole wheat, spelt and oat matzos.