March 28, 2023

Many New Food And Wine Products For Passover On Shelves

Brooklyn…By Eda Kram…New Products Editor…Although the number of new kosher food products may fall short of the record near 400 of 2019, there were plenty of new items, sources told Kosher Today. “We live in a generation where innovation and creativity is not only appreciated but is very much expected,” was the way one veteran kosher food executive explained the annual addition of new kosher for Passover products on supermarket shelves. As many as 200 new items are being introduced for the upcoming holiday (eve of April 5th – April 13th). The age old Manischewitz brand is taking the lead this year with many new products. Now under the ownership of Kayco, even the kosher certification has been upgraded as the brand seeks to attract the Orthodox and chasidic markets. Here is just a sample of some of the items that are on Passover shelves this year (and received by Kosher Today in time for publication):

Snacks -  Manischewitz  - Coconut Macaroons In 10 Ounces Resealable Bags,  Dark Chocolate Raspberry Creme Patties 5.25 Oz; Dark Chocolate Peppermint Patties 5.25 Oz; Dark Chocolate Coconut Patties 5.25 Oz; Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Patties 5.25 Oz.
Heaven & Earth-  Grain Free Tortilla Chips  in Sea Salt, Sweet BBQ and Chili Lime (4.5 Ounce Bags). Haddar - Gluten Free Pressed Honey Pretzels, Made Without Nuts, Dairy, Or Soy Available In 5 Oz And 0.7 Oz. Paskesz - Several new fun snacks for kids including Skootz line of snack bags, crispy Potato Scoops in Original, Onion Garlic and Hot Flavored, gluten free, 1 Ounce Bags; Brownie Crisps In Original and Chocolate Chip Flavors; Slim Thins gluten, nut free, dairy, egg-free, no artificial flavor, all natural colors - real fruit juices
Baking –Haddar-Pretzel Crumbs, without nuts, dairy, or Soy. Oriel - Malabi Syrup use with Malabi, Mousse And Vanilla Desserts. 
Cheese - The Cheese Guy - Havarti with dill, Herbaceous, Buttery Cheese, Smoked Provolone Smoky, Smooth Provolone, with a natural Hickory flavor, Honey Goat Cheese Tangy, Creamy Cheese for salads, or spread. 
Salads, Sides and Soup Ingredients -  Gefen (By Kayco)- Sliced Pickled Red Beets-; Bowery Mehadrin from The Modern Farming Company.  Leafy Greens Grown Vertically. Available To Purchase Baby Butter , Baby Romain,  Crispy  Leaf, Mixed Greens, and Spring Mix In 4 Ounce Containers. 
Jasmin Gourmet, Pomegranate sauce for salads, cooking, marinades, and dessert use
Goldbaum's White & Red Quinoa, 12 Oz, Goldbaum's Brown Rice Pasta, 16 Ounce and Goldbaum's Penne Rice Pasta, 16 Oz.

Fish - Benz’s full line of fresh and frozen fish products, herrings, with expanded Passover Herring Flavors. 
Beverage -  Introducing The Rebbe's Roast, by The Rebbe's Choice. This blend of shade-grown coffee beans from Guatemala, Brazil, and Colombia is cold brewed to perfection, ensuring maximum flavor and freshness in every sip. The high altitude at which these beans are grown gives them a rich, complex flavor profile that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning coffee drinkers. So why settle for anything less than the best? Try The Rebbe's Roast today and experience the perfect cold brew coffee. (Kayco) Tuscanini- Sparkling Sicilian Lemonade; Galil - Tea Bags In Anise, Rosehip, Fennel and Chamomile as well as Mint flavors- all caffeine free.
Matzah And Crackers - Manischewitz- Egg Matzos, Goldbaum’s Flatcrisps Sea Salt.

Novelty Items - Davida Aprons/Kosher Kurls Matzo Ball Timer, Matzah Napkins  100% cotton and machine washable. E-Book Available On Amazon: Matzah-Pated! 10 Tips To Prevent Constipation From Eating Too Many Matzahs. (Kindle Edition)

Rite Lite-  "My First Passover" Bib, 100 Piece Seder Plate Jigsaw Puzzle, Passover Tablescatters, 12 Foiled Matzah, and 6 foiled Kiddush Cups, Passover Kids Apron, Color Your Own Afikoman Bag, Passover Tablescatters, 2 Sets Of 10 Plagues, 6 Passover Games On The Go, Wind Up "Hoppy Passover" Frog, Passover Bungee Frogs, Geometric Design Square Printed Matzah Cover "Geometric Design" Afikoman Bag And Much More…Visit Link Below To Purchase:

Cazenove Kids - Fun Passover themed wiggly straws -  contains 4 colored straws, Squeaky Frogs ,Flippin Frogs (Pack Of 10), Hopping Frog, Frog Slap Band, Interactive 10 Plagues, 10 Plagues Finger Puppets And 10 Plagues Foam Glasses. ww.Cazenove Judaica.Com/Us/Passover