November 30, 2022

Kosherfest 2022 New Product Winners Displayed Much Innovation Part I of II.

Secaucus NJ…by Rifky Grossman…Although Kosherfest was in its 33rd year, the 2022 edition (November 8-9 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center) had a special flair for innovation. The products ranged from tasty lactation cookies and buffalo flavor pistachios to rich creamed lavender honey. Even the new beverages were something to write home about, like the La Carreta Sweet Baby Pineapple Juice - Bag in Box, by PS Kosher Food Works, PTP Produce.  With a 6-month shelf life, the product is 100% Natural, not from concentrate, without sugar, preservatives, or additives. It is gluten-free, allergen free and high in Vitamin C. For baked goods, the innovation came from Mesada International Trading with their different Brioche breads. A seasoned importer of such well-known brands as Of Tov, Hod Lavan, and Yarden Gourmet Farms, Mesada now came up with the La Bri Osh line of Belgian waffles, brioche hot dog buns, brioche challah, and French chocolate croissants. The New Product judges liked the Balsamic Glaze & White Balsamic Glaze from the 30-year old De La Rosa Real Foods & Vineyards. What might be new that we haven’t seen in frozen desserts? Churros by Elegant Desserts NY.

These traditional desserts are deep-fried and covered in a mix of sugar, cinnamon, and everything nice! Just in time for Chanukah! Those getting ready to host a Chanukah meal will do well with Boneless Buffalo Style Chicken wings from Alle Processing Corp / Meal Mart. The plus is a family dinner in minutes and great for Chanukah. Or if chicken liver would be a good addition to a Chanukah menu, one would be apt to consider kosher chicken liver from David Elliot Poultry Farm. The Fink family which owns David Elliot Poultry has consistently followed the mantra "make a good chicken better." David Elliot Poultry prides itself on offering niche products within the poultry industry, which led to this soon-to-be family table favorite, flame-broiled chicken liver.

An extremely worthwhile product especially for lactating mothers is a line of special lactation cookies from Mommy’s Cookie Jar.  In the lactation cookie line, necessity is the best breeder of the invention. These tasty cookies were a hit among its demo market (lactating women) and general cookie lovers. These cookies are made from oats and brewer’s yeast, and women can see a difference in milk supply within 2 or 3 days of cookie consumption. Chocolate Chunk, White Chocolate Cranberry, Lotus, Cookies & Cream, Mocha, and Apple Pie are favorites with Moms. The cookies are currently available for purchase online, come in 2-packs so busy Moms can conveniently grab ‘n go. Alternatively, they can be crumbled on yogurt, dipped in coffee, or eaten any other way granola is used. But they taste so good, it would be a waste not just to bite into the chewy goodness as is!”

There was a great deal of “buzz” about the many innovative honey products at the show, led by Infused Creamed Honey Line by Sunny Honey Miami. Its award-winning creamed honey is the highest grade, pure, raw, and natural that is put through a unique process that gives it a silky, smooth, spreadable, and creamy texture like that of whipped butter. During the creaming process, only whole and natural ingredients are added to create unique blends of creamed honey with various delicious flavors, including Coconut, Matcha, Key Lime, and Pumpkin Spice creamed honey.