October 26, 2022

Kosher Toys at Kosherfest 2022: A Vicennial Throwback

Chicago…by Rifky Grossman…It was more than twenty years ago that Miriam Goldstein first exhibited at Kosherfest, with the release of her innovative Mitzvah Toys Line. This year, more than two decades later, she is back and ready to showcase her new line of "Kosher Grocer." These are new innovative toys for Jewish children highlighting well known kosher brands for their play grocery stores at home or school.

Kosher Grocer is a series of 14 blocks made of child-friendly plastic material and featuring popular brands on each side, promoting kosher awareness for the budding Kosher consumer. The purpose of these toy play blocks is to educate the children to look for the kosher symbol on each product before consuming. This product has already been endorsed by the OU, OK Labs, and Star-K. This project is under the supervision of Lubicom Marketing