January 19, 2022

Kosher Culinary Center Closes

Brooklyn. The Kosher Culinary Center seemed like an idea whose time had come and seemed destined to become a fixture in the burgeoning kosher food industry. Headed by Chef Avram Wiseman, the Center offered a multi-faceted program including professional career training, recreational classes, and involvement in many private events. In an interview with Kosher Today the master chef was saddened by the need to end “a very successful program.” According to knowledgeable sources the Center was forced to close due to some irreconcilable business issues. When the Center opened in 2010, there was an enormous need for trained kosher chefs. It was a time when kosher food service was experiencing a meteoric rise.  The school prided itself as offering “the same quality of education as other culinary schools.” It noted that it was “committed to upholding the highest level of commitment and understanding of kashrut standards.”