September 7, 2022

Israelis Deal with Product Recall of Popular Kosher Products

Jerusalem…Product recalls are fairly common in the US where companies with the tacit agreement of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) voluntarily pull products off the shelf often at an enormous loss of income for the companies. Products found to contain Salmonella are almost always quickly recalled. Critics in Israel say that the same standard does not always apply in Israel which in recent weeks has had its share of recalls. A snake head was discovered in Sunfrost brand green beans, owned by Tnuva, the mega Israeli food company, which followed earlier reports of a mouse head found in the same product.

The Ministry of Health shut down the factories of Strauss-Elite in April following the discovery of salmonella. Four months after suspending the quality standard certification of the Strauss-Elite confectionary factory at Nof Hagalil, the Ministry of Health is restoring the approval for the factory. The profits of the Strauss Group plunged 58% in the second quarter after the recall.

The most recent inspection of the Nof Hagalil plant showed that substantial improvements had been made. Among other things, the environment, raw materials and finished product sampling systems were upgraded. The factory committed to checking every batch before it leaves.
"We have renovated the two Elite factories at Nof Hagalil, and we are returning to production after strengthening the management and quality control processes, such that we can ensure that all the products are safe for consumption. Following many approaches that we received, the first production of some of the products will be gluten free," said Strauss Group CEO Eyal Dror.