June 28, 2022

From the Editor

Inflation is dramatically changing the habits of kosher consumers, so much so that many frequent diners are switching to barbecuing instead…The Catskill Mountains, once romanticized as the Borscht Belt and the breeding ground for Jewish comedians, is slowly transforming into a year-round community, largely for Orthodox and Chassidic Jews…Was JetBlue an unsuspecting victim of an authorized kosher symbol? Kof-K is suing. Read our story…Is more kosher baby formula on the way. Watching the FDA recently, it might very well be…Kedem, the kosher wine educator, has resumed its annual events to educate kosher consumers about good kosher food and wine. Events were held in Israel and Europe…Europeans fail again in effort to ban shechita, kosher slaughter…Food and non-food companies with unique products and stories look to Kosherfest to access kosher market…In My Sixth Sense, I share a conversation in a kosher restaurant which defines the times we are living in…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers new healthy snacks from Cibo Vita.

Menachem Lubinsky