April 26, 2022

From the Editor

As we went to press, information was still pouring in about the kosher experience worldwide during the just concluded Passover holiday. We bring you some of the highlights: the effects of record inflation, supply chain issues, shortages and the like…We cover the resurgence of the Passover programs worldwide with 180,000 Americans traveling to programs or to destinations like Orlando…We take a close look at a the break-out year in Israel…How a small town in Hungary is at the top of the Jewish rescue effort for Ukrainian Jews…Never heard of Replenishment Holiday? It is in full swing as Jews replenish their pantries after Passover…In My Sixth Sense, I describe my personal experience of being part of a Passover program…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers a new plant-based breakfast item.

Menachem Lubinsky
Editor in Chief