October 26, 2022

Family Kosher Travel: The “New Normal”

The Klein family had barely landed in Newark Airport when Akiva, the father, already motioned to his children where the gate for their mid-winter flight is. The Kleins spent the just concluded Sukkot holiday in Israel and were now planning a trip during mid-winter vacation to Florida. Akiva was already planning the family’s Passover vacation in Orlando and wife Gittel was thinking about a summer vacation in Italy. This travel pattern has become commonplace for many young Orthodox families helping a thriving kosher travel business recover from Covid and exceed projections.

Akiva has other trips planned to include several on the anniversaries (yahrzeit) of leading sages in Israel and Hungary. Although more crowded than usual, “Israel on Sukkot is absolutely a must experience,” he says. He notes that the broad availability of kosher and affordable prices has been a major boon to the kosher travel industry.