June 28, 2022

Catskills Transforms into Year-Round Community for Kosher

Monticello…The Catskill Mountains are no longer what Jews used to refer to as the “Borscht Belt.” Many of the hotels that catered to Jews like the Concord, Grossinger’s and Pines are now part of a  history that defined the culture of Jewish immigrants in the early part of the 20th Century. To be sure, the Catskills is still a summer resort for more than 350,000 Jews but instead of living in shabby bungalows like the immigrants did, today it is living in a modern summer home with all the amenities of 2022. Once dominated by secular Jews, the Catskills of today is a concentration of Chasidic and Orthodox Jews. In recent years, many young Orthodox Jews have purchased year-round homes and the spotty kosher food availability is slowly transforming into an oasis for kosher. Existing kosher stores like Mountain Food in Monticello are building new stores, Buy Rite took over two more stores in Woodridge, Greenfresh is planning a much larger store, Gourmet Glatt is said to have acquired Kiamesha Lanes and is scheduled to open next summer, Landau’s expanded one of the Catskills flagship stores, and Skopps has a much larger store. Brooklyn based Breadberry sells some of their signature foods in several stores in the Catskills. The newly opened Evergreen in Pomona is right off the Palisades Parkway offering convenient upscale shopping for people making their way to the Catskills. Bosur a takeout/restaurant is open all year as are several pizza stores.