November 2, 2022

Argentinian Alfajores Heads to Kosher Market via Kosherfest

Secaucus, NJ…by Eda Kram…Anyone who has ever been to Buenos Aires has certainly tasted the sweet indulging taste of alfajores. For attendees of Kosherfest ’22 there will be an opportunity to sink into the soft but crunchy cookie. Lisa Mansilla is introducing a product that is as interesting as her background. Her resume includes being a winner in college sports, working at GE, living in many different countries, and successfully launching her own company. Lisa has been at the helm of Coco Karamel for the last 4 years and is extremely excited about her future in the food industry. Her decision to produce alfajores was a defining moment in her life, as part of her decision to become a better human being. Her goal was to be inclusive and open to all cultures and people and their choices. While only 9 years old, she began a journey that circled the globe and led her to live and love many diverse cultures far from her own.

Alfajores are a well-loved treat for so many cultures, symbolizing for her the inclusivity and joy that many cultures were eager to share. After purchasing the business of making alfajores from an Argentine friend, she started getting inquiries if her alfajores were kosher certified. It was right there and then that she realized that she might be inadvertently excluding many people who love to eat alfajores. “After we became kosher certified, we learned the many amazing qualities of our kosher consumers and the love they have for our alfajores,” said Lisa. “We love our kosher consumers and are so very appreciative of their support. We are the only kosher-certified alfajores artisanal producer in North America. Our alfajores are best described as a very filling, cookie sandwich with a custard-like filling called dulce de leche filling, that can be rather difficult to resist once you try your first one. 

“Lisa continued: “Our supervising Rabbi Laufer, with COR, suggested that we participate in this year’s Kosherfest. Working with Rabbi Laufer and COR has been a great experience and their recommendation to attend Kosherfest was considered heavily. With our research, we learned that Kosherfest is one of the biggest trade shows globally for kosher-certified foods and it would be a great opportunity to meet with kosher food community members from the US and other great countries. We are looking forward to meeting other exhibitors, buyers and other attendees. We are certain it will be a positive experience and opportunity for us," said Ms. Mansilla.