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From the Editor

From the Editor

2014 - Editor's Note - MenachemLubinsky_kf2012_DSC_1907.jpg

7/21/14 — We checked in with our sources in Israel to find out what affect the war in Gaza was having on Israel’s food supply. We have the report…With all the focus in recent years on the new super kosher stores, we checked in on some of the major supermarkets and found them to be doing very well  /  Should a kosher eatery retain its kosher certification, if it is open on Shabbos? Most rabbis are vehement that the answer is no, but the Israeli government disagrees  /  It is well known that Jews have a love affair with Chinese food, but not just Chinese as Raquel Mlabassati covers the new Butterfish Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan  /  Not all new products do well, but those from known brands appear to do much better, our survey showed  /  The Nine Days are coming and the kosher market is getting ready  /  In My Sixth Sense, I look for Mideast peace in the supermarket  /  Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase has a real crunchy new product from Hershey’s. 

Menachem Lubinsky

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Kosher New Product Feature

New Brookside Crunchy Clusters from Hershey Co.

07.21.14 - Brookside-Crunchy-Clusters-2.jpgHershey Co. recently introduced Brookside Crunchy Clusters.

Sixth Sense

Israel’s Elusive Peace at the Supermarket

07.21.14 - Supersol_supermarket3.jpgIt was just four weeks ago that I walked through the large Supersol store in the center of Jerusalem.


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