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From the Editor

From the Editor

2014 - Editor's Note - MenachemLubinsky_kf2012_DSC_1907.jpg

4/7/14 — Well, we’re almost there. One week from tonight, Jews the world over will be sitting down to the first (and in Israel the only) Seder. While we have some breaking news on the changes in Matzoh sales and the sale of Manischewitz, much of our coverage continues to relate to Passover  /  As for the shift in Matzoh sales, read why there has been a decrease in sales of Israeli matzoh after years of growth  /  While there is no longer any family representation in Manischewitz, the leading kosher food manufacturer was acquired again. We have the breaking story  /  Feigie Leitman has a preview on this year’s lucrative Passover hotel program  /  Despite somewhat of a recovery in the economy, Jewish relief agencies are dealing with unprecedented demand  /  Who tainted the green tea? We have the story on the growing mystery  /  Eda Kram looks at the intense pre-Passover preparations at the nation’s leading kosher supervision agencies…We have the fascinating report in Ha’aretz that despite a robust wine industry, Jews in Israel are  less than stellar when it comes to wine consumption  /  Poland does an about face on its ban on kosher slaughter, but what will it mean for exports?  /  In My Sixth Sense, I look at why some people just can’t do without sushi on Passover  /  Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers a new kosher dietary supplement. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Passover holiday, the next issue of Kosher Today will be published on Monday April 28th. With best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday! 

Menachem Lubinsky

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Kosher New Product Feature

New Dietary Supplement from Nufar Natural Products

04.7.14 - Nufar Natural ProductsNufar Natural Products has launched a new product with a fresh concept in dieting called, Nufar Fibers.
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Sixth Sense

Just Can’t do Without Sushi

I am sure that you know by now that some kashrus organizations have given their blessings for Quinoa this Passover. In fact, it has generated so much interest that rabbis and kashrus officials say that it is one of the leading questions this year.
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