November 2, 2022

Whatever Happened to Borscht?

Albert grew up in Brooklyn and vividly remembers his mother drinking one of her favorites, Gold’s Borscht, on Passover. He recalls her lighting the yahrzeit (anniversary of demise) candles in memory of his father’s parents. There was plenty of Manischewitz matzoh in the house, jars of Rokeach gefilte fish and Kedem Tokay Wine. “One year I ended up in St. Louis for Passover and guess what there it was the same set-up.” That pretty much describes the Passover set in hundreds of the nation’s supermarkets.

Don’t bother looking. You will not find Borscht at Kosherfest and you will be blown away by brands that you never heard of. Yes, that is the new world of kosher in 2022. Innovative products from salad dressings to pastries and from jerky to sushi. The new world of kosher reflects the palette of a new younger kosher consumer who is enamored with innovation and is willing to try and spend for new and different products. See you at Kosherfest!