January 5, 2022

What’s Ahead in 2022 for Kosher

This issue covers some of the highlights of 2021 as far as the kosher food industry. Overall, one must be extremely optimistic by the developments in the industry which continues to impress and even surprise. A good deal of the expansion and growth is due to demographics, larger families and migration into smaller markets fueling much of the growth. I asked a few industry people what they were looking forward to in 2022. “The end of the pandemic and the resumption of prosperity,” was the answer of Asher, a food industry veteran. “Many more convenience-oriented initiatives by the industry like more grab and go and express stores,” said a distributor.

As for me, I am hoping for the continued surge in new products, more cohesiveness by the industry such as returning in force to Kosherfest ‘22, and the resumption of a robust kosher travel industry. Actually, one woman perhaps gave me the best answer: “an open Israel so that I can visit my new grandchildren.”