January 5, 2023

What Program Are You Going to?

My family and I were part of a program on this just concluded Chanukah. Program? Yes, that’s the contemporary name for a retreat at a hotel for a holiday or weekend. In fact, if you go away for Passover or Sukkot, you have a choice of many “programs.” Our program run by Aryeh Hospitality took place at the Doubletree Fairfield. It had everything: good food, quality entertainment and plenty of activities for kids.

For young couples, even those who were not with their parents and in-laws, it was an opportunity to get away, provide activities for the children, a Shabbos without the usual cooking and cleaning chores, and a getaway from the stress and rigors of everyday life. One young father said: “This is great for my wife, and she always comes back from the program refreshed and ready to face life.”