February 2, 2022

Wanted: Mashgichim (Kosher Supervisors) for Kosher Restaurants

Miami…A year ago many of the upscale kosher restaurants in Surfside faced the daunting task of having enough waiters. Staff who had worked at the eateries simply did not return following the long layoff of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some either left the state or went on to pursue other careers. To some degree, the kosher restaurants also faced a similar dilemma with kitchen staff. While the restaurants seem to have managed to rehire or hire staff for this season, there appears to be a shortage of rabbis willing to serve as kosher supervisors, mashgichim, at restaurants. Most kosher certification agencies require full time mashgichim (temidi) in kosher restaurants. According to Rabbi Chaim Fogelman of the OK Kosher Certification, some mashgichim were replaced during Covid, others were not vaccinated and still other used the opportunity to opt for early retirement.