February 2, 2022

Tourism to Israel Crawls Back but Kosher Restaurants and Hotels Still Suffer

Jerusalem…The sound of the English language could be heard in many of the city’s kosher restaurants, but the restaurateurs were not happy. “What you hear are the voices of the students who learn here; not the tourists,” one restaurant owner told a Kosher Today correspondent. Indeed, while the pandemic continued to spread in Israel, with the US State Department urging Americans not to travel there, Israel had relaxed some of its strict measures limiting the number of tourists who were allowed to enter the country. Hotels continue to speak of some of the huge losses they have endured during the last two years of the pandemic, surviving only thanks to government subsidies and a trickle of foreign visitors. 

The hotel owners are bracing for a less than stellar Passover season although there is a noticeable increase in reservations from abroad. They dread the prospect of having to repeat what they were forced to do last year which was to cater to the domestic market at sharply reduced prices. They are concerned that unless the pandemic ebbs even Israelis will think twice about vacationing in a hotel.