November 30, 2021

Thousands Follow Kosherfest ’21 on Social Israel Food Exports to US at $788 Million Continues to Grow Despite Pandemic

Tel Aviv…Israel’s food exports to the US reached $788 million in 2020 despite the pandemic, according to the Israel Export Institute. Kosher food sources told Kosher Today that the Israel food industry “responded big time to our needs despite supply problems from other nations.” The most recent data provided by the Israel Economic Mission in New York, headed by Commissioner Anat Katz, showed that Israel exported $28 million in fruits, $31 million in produce and nearly $30 million in wine to the US. In fact. While Israel exported more fruit and produce to some European countries like Portugal and Estonia, it exported more wine to the US than any other country largely because of the huge demand by kosher consumers and the significant distribution by companies like the Royal Wine Company (Kedem) based in Bayonne NJ. Nearly $30 million of a worldwide total of $50 million in wine exports was to the US market, most of it kosher. It is expected that the level of Israel exports to the US will continue its upward climb when all the numbers are in for 2021.