November 30, 2022

The New Four Seasons of Kosher Travel

Dov Black and his family will be in the Bahamas for mid-winter vacation, now renamed “Yeshiva Week.” He already booked a large townhouse in Orlando for Passover and will be part of a “program” at a luxury hotel this coming Chanukah. The Black family spent Sukkot in Israel where they rented an apartment in the high-end Rechavia neighborhood. The Blacks are part of a new generation of kosher travelers that it seems automatically vacation in these key periods.

Dov has on occasion also taken his family away for Thanksgivings and Shavuot. This trend has created a bonanza for kosher travel that is not only a good omen for travel but also for caterers, restaurants, housing, and related services. One experienced travel expert said that the trend has particularly taken hold after Covid as “people look to break out.” “I will likely do Morocco on Passover in the next year or two and two of my friends are heading to Dubai.” My late mother would have said: “What’s wrong with staying home?”