February 28, 2023

The Exploding Kosher Food Scene no Longer Has Limits

I am old enough to remember going on vacation with a few tuna sandwiches and even a portable range or grill. We are now in a new era where kosher offerings are very popular and given the right circumstances are very profitable. A younger kosher demographic is very much into gourmet food and fine wines. They are also making money and are willing to pay for good food and service. 

There no longer seems to be “off limits” for kosher. You can now find kosher food in world class resorts, on cruise ships and yachts and aboard airlines. One prominent executive in the kosher food industry said: “There is rarely a day that you do not hear of some kind of kosher launch or at least plans for one.” There was a time several decades ago when I couldn’t write about a kosher revolution. All I could do was dream and to my delight the dream has come true.