March 15, 2022

Surprise Uptick in Passover Program Bookings

London…by Raphi  Bloom (Co-owner of TotallyJewishTravel) …Conventional wisdom would dictate that this year’s bookings for Passover would lag behind previous years, certainly pre-COVID. But all indications are that we are heading for a sell-out season instead. Many people who used to go away for Passover every year, spent the past two years at home and have been reluctant to book a program this year. Now that the skies are open and tourism is almost back to normal, people are looking for Passover programs that have rooms available. has been tracking the near sell-out of programs for the upcoming Passover (April 15-23) season. Most of the Passover programs in Israel, Miami, Orlando, and South Africa are completely sold out and have been for a while. Passover programs in South Florida and Mexico are almost sold out. Families that wanted to go away for the holiday vacation and started booking as soon as programs were announced. After last year, with much fewer programs and all completely sold out, the industry appears to be coming back strong. There are many more programs in different countries this year and the Passover program industry is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

Even a month before Passover there are thousands of inquiries every week being made to programs and even at this late stage there are new programs starting to advertise. The Kosher travel market is looking bright for the summer, winter and Passover 2023." There are, for the first time ever, luxury Passover programs in Montenegro and the UAE - Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Other popular warm weather Passover destinations include Greece, Morocco, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, and France.  For those sad to see the end of winter, there are some great Passover ski vacations, including in Vail, Colorado, Mont Tremblant, Canada, and the French Alps.