January 5, 2022

Surging Covid and Flu Prompts Postponement of AKO Memorial Conference

Teaneck…The long awaited Vaadim Convention of the Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO) was postponed. The conference was to have taken place December 26-28, 2022, but due to the rising cases of Covid and the flu, the conference was moved to May. In a letter to the AKO members, Rabbi Ari Senter of the Kof-K wrote: “This year’s AKO conference was in tribute to my late father, Rabbi Zecharia (Harvey) Senter and my dear friend Rabbi Don Joel Yoel Levy (OK Kosher Certification) … I thank the Executive Board for their support and appreciate the confidence they showed in our organization. The Board voted to reschedule to the beginning of May.” The conference was due to deliberate on many issues of concern to local kosher committees, known as Vaadim. Subjects ranged from practical applications to events in hotels, to recognizing kosher fish and vertical farming.