February 16, 2022

Super Bowl Sunday Latest Holiday for Kosher

Brooklyn…” The kosher community is really into the Super Bowl,” says Avi who works in one of the large kosher supermarkets in Flatbush. Kosher independents and restaurants featured special Super Bowl menus this past Sunday as the Rams and the Bengals fought a nail-biter. Demand was greater than ever before as the kosher parties have grown from year to year. Amongst the favorites were large hero sandwiches that could feed many people. At Talia’s on Manhattan’s West Side, a Tray of 100 Wings: $88 (First 10 wings free!) Rookie Special: 50 wings, Fries, choice of 3 salads, 6 pitas – $120. Veteran Special: 50. Veteran Special:   50 wings, Fries, 20 pcs. chicken fingers, choice of 3 salads, 6 pitas – $199 and the Hall of Fame Special:   100 wings, Fries, 20 pcs. chicken fingers, 20 pcs. falafel, all 5 salads, 10 pitas – $329. At Breadberry in Boro Park, the staff was busy decorating special pastries with small footballs. One store owner said: “10 years ago I did a handful of orders for Super Bowl Sunday; today over 750 orders and then there are the many walk-ins.