November 15, 2022

Successful Week For Kosher Is Major Boost To Industry

New York…It was one of the major successful weeks in the history of the kosher food industry that ended on Thursday November 10th in New York.  Here are the highlights:


  • A group of key kosher food executives from around the country gathered on Monday November 7th. The itinerary included a tour of the Evergreen Kosher Supermarket in Pomona NY as well as the headquarters of Kayco in Bayonne NJ. The group later met for dinner at the UN Grill in New York City.
  • Nearly 90 kosher influencers involved in kosher media gathered for the annual  Jewish Food Media Conference founded by Melinda Strauss and this year produced & hosted by Fleishigs Magazine at Sen Sakana. Sponsoring the event was Thomas Ashbourne, 7th Heaven chocolate (who went on to win best in show at kosherfest the next day) and Masbia
  • Kosherfest opened on November 8th with nearly 250 exhibits and 3,000 visitors. Highlights of the first day were the New Product Competition and a new Happy Hour for networking and getting acquainted. The show continued to rave reviews on Wednesday November 9th.
  • 125 kashrus officials from agencies around the world attended the annual AKO (Association of Kashrus Organizations) on Thursday in what was the closing event of an incredible week for the kosher food industry.