May 11, 2022

Success of Passover Programs Unleashes Robust Kosher Travel

London…Passover 2022 was an enormous success, according to Raphy Bloom of , who is a major resource for the kosher travel business. He said that nearly 100,000 Jews were at more than 100 programs. In what turned out to be the most successful in more than two years, Passover programs were extremely successful. “It may be hard to believe, but people are already inquiring about Passover 2023,” said Mr. Bloom. He and other travel executives say that the 2022 Passover season was almost back to pre-pandemic levels. Guests at most of the programs were very satisfied. The only major hiccup was a European program that had overbooked by a significant number of rooms. The travel experts agree that the success of the 2022 Passover program was a good omen for kosher travel in general. At least 10-12 programs are advertising for the upcoming Shavous holiday. Many new travel programs are already scheduled for this summer including European kosher cruises operated by Israeli entrepreneurs. The success of programs in Israel, Morocco, and Dubai over Passover bodes well for a robust travel season this coming summer. Remarkably, say the experts, the higher air fares are not deterring vacationers. “By and large,” said Mr. Bloom, “people who went to Passover programs were extremely happy.”