February 28, 2023

Still Looking for a Quality Passover Program; Check out These Resources

London… The internet and the Jewish media are full of information on quality Passover programs around the globe. One good resource is Totally Jewish Travel owned by Raphy Bloom, a frequent contributor to Kosher Today. TJT offers a comprehensive directory of kosher restaurants, synagogues, and mikvahs around the globe. Its extensive database is updated on a regular basis to ensure that the information provided is as current and accurate as possible. Or you can check out Passover programs on Doni Schwartz’s www. passoverlistings.com. This year, Passover Listings is taking calls and answering emails. Wondering what kind of desserts a program in Europe will serve or Interested in the crowd at a Pesach Program in Florida? They’ll answer your question on the spot or get you the answer. Totally gratis!