December 14, 2022

Spade of Fires Destroy Catskill Kosher Eateries But Boosur Prevails

South Fallsburg, NY…”Lightning does not strike twice,” the saying goes, but in this small town that rapidly became a hub for kosher dining, it struck three times. Large fires destroyed the Venetian Café in 2020, Spoons and now Boosur in 2022. While both the Venetian Café and Spoons shuttered, Boosur recently reopened in Landau's Kosher Supermarket which recently expanded to being open the entire year. Boosur had emerged as a leading takeout, catering and restaurant locale for vacationers in the Catskills, for a growing year-round population and frequent visitors. Unconfirmed sources say that Boosur plans to reopen for the 2023 season in the former Spoons location, which is just across the street from its destroyed location. Boosur itself had replaced the long-standing Meal Mart store. Anshel, a regular Catskills visitor, said that Boosur ``changed the mountains from a summer resort to a year-round vacation destination.” He plans to bring his family of 8 to his development for Chanukah and was thrilled to learn that Boosur would be open for the 8-days.” His brother-in-law will be vacationing at the nearby Kartrite Resort and also hopes to get his meals from Boosur.