November 30, 2022

Some Kosher Concern over Albertsons Possible Merger with Kroger

New York…Two giant supermarket chains known for their special focus on kosher announced a possible merger but there is concern what the repercussions might be for kosher consumers. Many kosher communities rely on these stores for their kosher food. Communities like Savannah, Cincinnati, Houston and Memphis rely on kosher fare at local Kroger stores. Similarly, many communities rely on Albertson stores for kosher like Henderson NV and most notably the Jewel-Osco in Evanston, Il which has been under the direction of noted kosher food executive Yakove Yarmove for over two decades and is the major destination for kosher in the Chicago area. There is uncertainty whether the merger, if approved by the government, will result in the closure of some of these “Kosher A stores.” There is already a great deal of chatter about the potential for even higher prices than the current spikes as a result of inflation if the merger goes through.
A $25 billion deal to merge both mega grocery chains including such brands as Shaw's, QFC, Vons, Safeway, and Fred Meyer, among many others would control 13% of the nation's grocery sales, and its 4,900 stores would serve an estimated 85 million American households, a share that's second only to Walmart. One new concern was expressed by Nomi F who lives in the Valley in Los Angeles and shops at Ralph’s. “They have already been closing underperforming stores and with this merger I fear that this may affect even where I shop.”