January 25, 2016

So Where Will You be This Passover?

The snowflakes were falling fast and furious but every newspaper and magazine I read was already advertising Passover programs and more. It was also the topic of conversation amongst many of my friends. Honestly, people are already planning where they will be this Passover. If they choose to stay home, they could possibly enjoy some 300 or so new items in an unprecedented shopping experience. If they choose to go to one of the estimated 250 Passover programs worldwide, they can choose the destination by price, location, lecturers, and entertainment. This is very fitting for a holiday that celebrates freedom. So I thought that perhaps I should start planning my Passover. For most of my life, I stayed home on Passover enjoying my children and family at my table. Last year, I gave several lectures at a program in Phoenix and got to enjoy Passover away from home. It was a wonderful experience for all of us, especially my wife.

So like many of the 125,000 who “go away” on Passover worldwide, I will be moving to a new destination, Orlando, where I will be lecturing at the Rosen Plaza Hotel. The program is run by Avi and Shneuer Faskowitz (Majestic Tours), but this isn’t anything like any of the other programs. This is a hotel that has just built a 5,000 square foot glatt kosher year-round kitchen under the name “Zayde’s Kosher Kitchen.” Imagine staying just minutes away from the major attractions and ordering kosher room service in your room? Or eating gourmet kosher meals on real china? Now that is real freedom!