March 5, 2019

Why is this Passover Different?

On the surface it seems that every Passover is the same, regardless of when it falls in the calendar. But in reality Passover is a good time to gauge the strength of the kosher food industry. Who came up with the most innovative new product for the holiday? Has there been a shift in the shopping of customers? Will more shoppers be making their orders on-line? Will sites like Amazon cut into the retail business? Will the new Bingo model capture a significant share of business? Will more vacationers go away this year?

I know that it is more than the traditional four questions but the answers to the questions I raised shows just how much a Passover can make a difference. So we will be watching and attempting to answers these questions as the Passover season progresses. But the early signs are that there will be significant boost in retail sales, many more people going away, and in general a more robust Passover season.