November 15, 2012

Why I am Excited about Kosherfest

11/15/12 — Well it’s Erev (the eve of) Kosherfest and as usual I am doing quite a few interviews with press from all over the world about the state of kosher. One reporter asked whether I was still excited about Kosherfest after 23 years. “You bet,” I answered, and went on to explain that I found every Kosherfest to offer something unique and special. I also “kvell” at the continued growth of the industry, which was a shadow of what it is today when I first launched Kosherfest. 

I can understand if the average visitor does not quite pick up these nuances, although I suspect that most do. For example, I can remember shows that simply had an incredible array of new product items that were never before kosher, whether it be beef jerk or Jelly Belly’s. There were shows where wines you would never expect to have a kosher symbol were on display. Then there were years that you could actually see the internationalization of kosher, perhaps like this year when Argentina and the Philippines will have major pavilions or years when such countries as Poland and Russia joined the international showcase.

I am also excited because of the many new and old faces I meet at Kosherfest. For me, this is more than a trade show. It’s a gathering of some of the most incredible people in the industry and the opportunity to shake their hands and shmooze is just magnificent. I like pleasant surprises and there will no doubt be many this year as well. At the end of each Kosherfest, I sit down and reflect on the exhausting two days and this year like the last 23 I will no doubt find those moments and scenes that will be etched in my memory. 
See you at Kosherfest!