May 16, 2011

When Will They Ever Learn?

Kosher food is just too expensive. A cut with a sharp knife is not humane slaughter. Why is it that people who just can’t fathom certain facts on the ground keep going over the same well trodden territories? Take Indiana, for example, where Corrections officials read the landmark Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, which requires states to accommodate reasonable religious requests from prison inmates, as exempting them from providing kosher food to a prisoner. Why? It was too expensive and just too difficult. Not so, argued attorney Nat Lewin in an amicus curiae brief that was never acted upon because Indiana realized it had lost. Lewin provided the court with a long list of options. Every few years, another state tries to get away with offering kosher food and looses. When will they ever learn?


In many European countries, including the European Union, the argument continues to be made that kosher slaughter is not humane. They keep pushing for stunning, despite evidence that it is less precise in causing animals pain than a swift cut with a very sharp knife by an experienced shochet. The method of kosher slaughter has stood the test of time and scientists over the generations, including such formidable experts as Dr. Temple Grandin, agree that the kosher method is the most humane form of slaughter. Yet, in many countries, the onslaught against kosher slaughter continues with the same tired old arguments. When will they ever learn? I find it ironic in almost every instance that those who portray themselves as being the most liberal are somehow also the least tolerant. When will they ever learn?