June 22, 2021

When will Israel Fully Open Up?

Despite being hailed for its large-scale immunization of its citizenry, there are still many restrictions for travel from overseas. Although many business travelers have been able to secure special permits, I have heard from industry executives that they were having problems getting the coveted permits. My sources in Israel predict that the new government led by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is looking to fully open the country, sometime during the summer and in time for the September Jewish holidays. They are also expected to ease travel restrictions to the US by business executives which is a good omen for the November Kosherfest.

The kosher food industry in the US has become very dependent on Israel as an increasing number of kosher brands are manufactured in Israel. There is simply a need in these post-Covid days to have people from the industry on both sides of the ocean travel regularly to consummate business deals. In the meantime, we can only ask: “When will Israel fully open up?” or “Let Our People Come and Go!”