July 7, 2014

When Kosher Cooking Becomes a Family Affair

You already know that having a library of kosher cookbooks is a necessity nowadays. By latest count, there were close to 100 such cookbooks for sale and for every age group, even for teens. Young women (and some men) are no longer content with the basics of cooking a meal. I watch my daughters with awe and think about how simple the world that my late mother lived in was. My daughter Tzippy recently launched her new column (Joy of Cooking, Summer 2014) with “Triple Play,” the art of preparing three meals for young eaters, teens and adults, all part of one  meal. While to the novice, just the thought of preparing three separate dishes seems overwhelming, to Tzippy it was actually much easier. My sons-in-law seem to have mastered the science of barbecuing, even knowing exactly how much sauce to pour on, but ironically my grandkids, ages 8-14 have taken barbecuing to the next level, adding ingredients that are worthy of a gourmet chef.

What all this means is that retailers are faced with the challenge of catering to this new world, offering a variety of ingredients to meet the demanding preparations of the cookbooks and, of course, the many food magazines. I am sure that when Susie Fishbein (“Kosher by Design” series) and Jamie Geller (“Joy of Cooking”) and not to mention all the other exceptional cookbook authors  first fashioned their creative works, they did not envision that they would be doing more than sharing recipes. They would actually become educators and in my family gourmet cooking has become a part of life thanks to that education.