October 20, 2021

When an Iconic Kosher Restaurant Closes

Aventura, Florida…The Grill Time Restaurant on 163rd Street and Biscayne Blvd has closed. For many vacationers and local residents, the kosher restaurant was an obligatory stop. Its Middle Eastern cuisine and many other popular steakhouse foods was always consistent and a safe bet for hungry diners. The first visit from the waiter was with a tray full of salads that along with the pita and laffa bread was enough to satiate the hunger. When the main dish arrived, it was accompanied by many sides including French fries in a cone-shaped newspaper print insert.

I always lament when an iconic restaurant closes not so much because of the memories it evokes, but because they are seldom replaced. Some names that come to mind were Shmulke Bernstein on Essex Street, La Difference, Kosher Delight, Lou G. Siegel, Ratner’s, all restaurants that are deeply etched in the memories of thousands of kosher baby boomers and others. Unfortunately, even the best restaurants have a lifespan, and the end is certain to come. So long Grill Time and thanks for the memories!