January 21, 2019

“We Want Mashgiach Now!

In the category of “you can’t make these things up” you can add the many stories recounted in Allan Lieberman’s book, “We Want Mashgiach Now—Tales From A Kosher Cop.” His first person account of life as a mashgiach is extremely humorous and even entertaining. I have always considered the mashgiach (kosher supervisor) one of the unsung heroes of the kashrus world. Allan Lieberman recounts some of the abuse that a mashgiach typically endures while carrying out his job to make sure that what comes out of a kitchen is kosher.

I enjoyed Lieberman’s book not so much for his recounting the myriad routine tasks of a mashgiach but his injection of humor that seems to say “you just won’t believe this.” Lieberman seems to capture the many categories of people who interface with mashgichim every day. They include the ignorant, arrogant, destructive and even outright rebellious clients who want to make the mashgiach see things their way. He is right for referring to the mashgiach as a Kosher Cop because of the many eyes that a good mashgiach must have to make sure that end runs are avoided. I won’t steal his thunder by repeating some of his incredibly funny stories, so go ahead and acquire the book either from Amazon or directly at http://www.koshercop.net.