October 11, 2016

Traveling Kosher is the new Norm

A friend I will call Isaac is a cruise addict. By his own admission, he and his wife recently took their 18th cruise. He recalled the days when he would take along his own food because the fare that was offered was simply not edible. “Today, I not only get great tasting kosher meals but I can get the chef to prepare many dishes for me in a specially designated area. The New York Times (Travel, October 9, 2016) makes note of the wide availability of kosher food, including Crystal Cruises which “has a separate area in the main kitchens of its two ocean liners where a chef cooks kosher meals.” But as the Times reports and everyone knows by now, kosher is widely available everywhere, from hotels to cruise ships to even bed and breakfasts. But even while Isaac is taking advantage of the availability of kosher, there are an increasing number of organized kosher tours to destinations all over the world, from the Caribbean to Cambodia and Vietnam.

One travel agent said plainly: “The whole world has become one big kosher stage.” It has also become big business even without Isaac taking his annual trip. What has changed is that the kosher traveler is no longer limited to certain destinations that offer kosher fare. In fact, some of my friends enjoyed a kosher safari last summer while another group visited Russia and other Baltic states.