June 1, 2015

Is it Time to Market Kosher to the Masses?

There was a time when kosher products were routinely marketed to the masses. Who doesn’t remember the Levy’s bread ad with the picture of the American Indian, “You Don’t Have to be Jewish to Eat Levy’s.” Or the classis Hebrew National ad, “We Answer to a Higher Authority!” But such ad campaigns have been rare in recent years. So how surprised was I when a food manufacturer called and asked: “Do you think you can market my kosher products to the masses?” My quick answer was yes, because the product looked like it could be marketed to a broader audience. Upon further discussion, my potential client began to falter when I ticked off some costs for a broad campaign, albeit in the New York-New Jersey market. I wasn’t prepared for the next question either: “Perhaps I would be better off joining with other manufacturers in a marketing effort to promote some of the excellent kosher products that are in the market nowadays.”

The second question got me thinking that perhaps the time has come to market kosher to the masses. Nowadays quality kosher products in many categories are available almost everywhere, which means that access to kosher is no longer a problem. So that left only the budget to deal with. Several kosher food industry people were very encouraging about the prospects for such a campaign, which brought me back to the budgets. Stay tuned!