June 13, 2017

This Week


We’ve got quite a mix of breaking news and interesting features. We lead with the Breaking News of the closure of a busy kosher stand at Fort Lauderdale Airport…We’ve also got the exciting news about a senior Google executive speaking at Kosherfest…A story in the Jewish Week about “terrible” kosher food is being rebuffed by everyone from the restaurants to even non-Jewish customers…It may be Aventura but Kosher Kingdom has the look of a major independent kosher supermarket. We take a look at their recent expansion…Did you notice anything different about our appearance today. Yes, we got a major facelift…Our Feature this week is about grass-fed glatt kosher beef. Find out why one purveyor wants you to know that it actually does taste as good or better than regular food…In My Sixth Sense, I take on the arsonists of two kosher restaurants in Manchester. Eda Kram, in her New Product Showcase covers some new Tacos.

Menachem Lubinsky


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