September 29, 2020

The Succoth Story of 2020 is at the Airport

Anyone that has camped out at JFK Airport in the past few years right before Succos (eve of October 2nd this year) got a sense of just how mobile the entire kosher community seemed to be. Entire families were travelling to spend the holiday with parents and grandparents. Thousands were headed to vacation destinations like Miami Beach and Orlando. Pop-up sukkahs even went up at Disney World and Greta Adventures. This year JFK, O’Hare and other large airports will be relatively quiet as the Covid-19 pandemic has all but locked down the popular destinations for kosher travelers. Many would be travelers live in areas that are experiencing a significant uptick in positive Covid tests.

To add to the Succos 2020 nightmare, Israel is in a virtual lockdown, thanks to an uncontrolled spiking of Covid cases. Children studying in Israel won’t be reuniting with parents in the US and vice versa. To be sure, there will still be some travel, many to Orlando, but as the saying goes: “it just won’t be the same!”