October 28, 2013

The Show with the Electricity Opens

I frequently speak to seasoned food trade show attendees about Kosherfest and their reactions are almost universal. “There is something special about this show that you don’t feel at other shows,” is a common expression that I hear. But on occasion someone will say: “There is certain electricity at the show that you don’t feel anywhere.” After 25 years of founding, producing and co-producing the show, I am very much in agreement with the electricity sentiment. There is that excitement, camaraderie, and even a sense of familial belonging that is not your customary trade show environment. To some, it is a huge party where everyone feels welcome, irrespective if they come from a natural kosher background.

Kosherfest is a show with electricity alright, but it also comes with a great deal of buzz. In just two days, I am astounded to find out just how much has changed in one year. The buzz it seems is endless. You learn about acquisitions, successful new product launches, changes in management, key distributor acquisitions, plans for a new stores and on and on. The tasting experience is also not to be dismissed, as booth after booth offers a smell and a taste that is intriguing and novel. If you are an observant Jew, you automatically have to walk the show twice: first for dairy and then for meat. There are the events that are filled to capacity, especially the culinary competition between some of New York’s finest chefs. When the electricity is shut down at the end of the show, at least you can be sure that the industry is fully charged for another year. 

Mazal Tov!