March 18, 2013

The Seder Meal…Brought to You by Your Local Jewish Magazine

Irrespective of what Jewish newspaper or magazine you read, chances are that you were treated to a special Passover Foods section with recipes galore for the holidays. I couldn’t help but notice in some of the stores that I visited in the last week or so that many shoppers actually were buying ingredients based on the recipes. They either had pages of the newspapers in hand or in fact the entire section. Most of these shoppers were in their 20’s and 30’s but grocers told me that they had also seen many 40+ walk the aisles with the recipe pages. 

It isn’t as if these shoppers were trading in the traditional foods for new enhanced foods; they were simply adding variety, explained the meat manager of one supermarket. Nor were all the shoppers relying on the newspapers. Some were actually carrying the new Passover Made Easy book by Victoria Dwek and Leah Deutsch in what you might call an East meets West cookbook. And there were a few young women who were actually pulling ingredients off the shelves from what appeared to be either an on-line recipe or list of ingredients.

This cooking up a storm at home trend is something to watch in years to come as I suspect that even as more people leave their homes for the holidays, an increasing number are staying home, particularly those with large families. But for many of the women, this was not just about good food and good taste; it was also presentation. You could see it in the expensive plastic plates they bought. So while your hostess might be gloating about some of the new foods on the seder table, don’t hesitate to ask who the publication was. Chag Sameach!