November 21, 2016

The Secrets of Kosherfest

As I walked the show last week at Kosherfest, I was the beneficiary of many whispers about developments in kosher, all of which is promising. A cookbook author reveals the subject of a new book to be published next year. A large food company lets me in on a secret about a new line of products that it will be launching. Some people still had the elections on the mind, others wondered whether the new “kosher Costco “called Bingo in Boro Park would succeed, and one even squealed that they were producing a new product for a competitor under private label.

Although the show was filled wall to wall, I could not help but notice that some well-known kosher brands had chosen not to exhibit. Yes, they were missed but it was they that missed at least two dozen new key buyers and potential customers from around the world in addition to many hundreds of their existing customers. But then there were the exhibitors that built their business around Kosherfest, one from $250,000 in annual sales only six years ago to $6.5 million now. That too was a whisper but with a big smile!