January 6, 2020

The Scourge of Targeting Jewish Ritual and Tradition

Rabbi Chaim Leib Rottenberg of Monsey NY had just completed lighting the 7th Chanukah candle when his followers in attendance to observe the rabbi go about the annual ritual were confronted by a machete yielding perpetrator which ended up leaving one follower in a coma and several others injured. This incident followed the murders at a Jersey City kosher supermarket and many other reported incidents in New York’s Jewish neighborhoods. It is apparent that many of these incidents are calculated by hate mongers who specifically target symbols of Jewish tradition like a kosher supermarket or a Chanukah gathering. The upshot is that anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head even on these shores where freedom of religion is paramount.

The authorities are to their credit taking this latest scourge seriously. Jews are dealing with this latest barrage of hatred as they always have: strengthening their tradition. Kosher food continues to get stronger and better; yet another dramatic response to those whose hate-filled efforts are being answered and for which there is no room in America.